Scholarships for African American Students – [Oracle Corporate Scholars Program]

Are you an African student searching for Scholarships for Black Students? There are well over dozens of College Scholarships for African American Students out there waiting for your application!

What is Oracle Corporate Scholars Program?

The Oracle Corporate Scholars Program is geared towards provision of cutting edge learning experiences at Oracle headquarters during the summer of 2019.

The Oracle Corporate Scholars Program provides firm financial assistance for African American Students who are looking set to further their studies in any of the following fields: Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics, Marketing, Business, Human Resources and other close related majors.

Scholarships for Black Students

The greatest drawback to students during their academic years is usually one thing—and non other than—the ever increasing cost of tuition fees. However, there are vast opportunities out there for African students who are desperately eager to take their academic career to the next level.

Hundreds of companies and individuals in the U.S alone are offering thousands of free scholarships for black students.

Scholarships for African American Women (Females)

African-American females living in the U.S can easily find Scholarships for African American Females. These type of scholarships grants is specifically awarded only to African-American females whereas other scholarships are awarded generally to women of other races.

To apply for scholarships for African American females, applicants must follow all the steps listed here.

Scholarships for African American Males

Opportunities for males African American students are endless in terms of finding a reliable scholarships for African American males students. You will find dozens of fully-funded scholarships for African American.

Scholarships for African American Students (Candidates Requirements)

To be part of the party, candidates are expected to possess the required minimum cumulative 3.0 average grade point on a 4.0 scale. The candidates MUST have attended a high school in the United States of America (U.S). Candidates MUST be a citizen of the United States or a permanent resident, African American college student.

Candidates MUST be a junior or second-year student (sophomore) at the very time of the application, and MUST attend a four-year higher institution (university or college) located in the United States by the time of application.

Every successful applicants will be awarded internships during the summer of 2019. Subsequently, scholarships will be offered to successful candidates for academic year 2019 and 2020.


If you ever wish to be considered for the Scholarships for African American Students award, you (the candidate) are required to fill and submit an online application form so as to opt in for the Program. Candidates are also required to provide a recommendation letter, resume, current transcript and a one-page personal statement of career interest.

All application form (materials) MUST be submitted and confirmed on/or before the application deadline.

For more details and application process, click here.

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